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EPM and our partners South East Technology Alliance (SEHTA), Eurasanté and Amiens Cluster are pleased to announce that we have won a new INTERREG project worth € 494 543 in support of the Health Sector in South of England and Northern France.

Smarthealth, is a 2-year cross-border project developed by four experienced innovation agencies and clusters. Smarthealth will create and test and innovative, cross-border SMEs support model to stimulate Franco-British cooperation between the local health and care providers with shared clinical needs, and local SMEs providing digital solutions.

SMEs with innovative solutions will be offered mentoring and the opportunity to pitch to health and care providers. Six hospitals and clinics are participating from both sides of the Channel.

The expected results will be to award a minimum of 6 pairs of companies, working across the channel and another outcome of the project, will be to develop and validate cross-border business support programme.

The total amount of EU Financial Funding received is: 408,34.84 euros

Enter the Smarthealth International contest !

The Kick-off event for the project was on 5th February 2019 in London.
The international Smarthealth contest is now open to SMEs on both side of the Channel.

The closure of the first round of contest was on 30th April 2019 and nominees annouced at the MedFit event on 26 June 2019. Click here to see the press release.

The second round of the contest closed on 8 November 2019 and third round of call closed on 10 January 2020. The 2rd Award Ceremony rewarding 10 new SMEs took place on 12 February 2020 in Lille. Click here to see the press release.

If you wish to enter the Smarthealth Award, please download the Application Pack here.

Please note that companies in the following regions are able to apply for the Awards: Torbay, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Brighton & Hove, Somerset, Hampshire & Isle of Wight, London (adjacent area)

Companies have been able to benefit from a series of international trainings delivered by the Project Team to help them to take their e-health products to market. To access the training workbook click here.
The date of the concluding cross-border webinar is on 13 October 2020.
Our latest newsletter is available here.

Healthcare Regulatory Affairs

The Project Team prepares regular updates Health Care regulatory affairs. To view the latest information available realted to Healthcare Regulatory Affairs surrounding Brexit and how it may affect your business, click here.

Dissemination report

EPM presented at the final Smarthealth dissemination event A number of case studies were presented and you can access the full dissemination report assessing the project's impact by clicking here.

Partners' contact

Lead Partner: SEHTA

UK Partner: EPM

French Partner: Eurasanté

French Partner: Amiens Cluster