Kathy Vuillaume is the Senior Consultant. She is a chartered Chemical Engineer and started her career managing international R&D projects in the biotech healthcare industry in France. She worked in Brussels as Network Director for EurActiv, the leading European policy media working with a Team of journalists and managing contracts for DG Region and DG Enterprise. She moved to England in 1998 to do her MBA at the University of Brighton. She worked with British local and regional Authorities, business support agencies, sector agencies on a portfolio of national and European programmes.

Kathy has over 20 year’s experience in cementing alliances , managing international projects and evaluating publicly funded programmes. Kathy is passionate about high level programme management and evaluation for impactful delivery on innovation and sustainability. She is fluent in French and English. Kathy works with a range of Associates depending on mission & clients requirements

Our Team for Evaluation work comprises of:


DR MELISSA KAPOOR Melissa Kapoor is our Senior Data Scientist. She combines this with Founder of Mind over Matter Medtech – a start-up medical technology company developing novel neuroimaging technologies. Melissa’s introduction to innovation came during her Statistics DPhil at Oxford University. She is overseeing programmes’ evaluation and she has been involved in more than 15 EU projects.


JAMES RUEL James Ruel is our Senior Associate consultant.
James has 20 years’ experience in project and programme management for public funded grant schemes. He has directly designed and managed multi-million-pound grant funding schemes, primarily involving cleantech, business support or green skills.
James oversees new bid developments and provide recommendations for the evaluation of programmes.


SUSAN GEORGE Susan George is a Project Manager and Performance Coach at EPM. She has over 10 years of successful project management experience including projects funded under ERDF, ESF, URBACT, Erasmus+ and BEIS. Susan is an accredited Coach and she has empowered many clients to grow their businesses and achieve their goals.
Susan oversees the project management and coordination of partnership delivery.


EMMA PORTER Emma Porter is a Project Co-ordinator at EPM. She graduated from the University of Sussex with a Masters of Biology (First). She has years of experience in people-focused roles and volunteering within the NHS. Emma oversees the communication and liaising with businesses.


FRANCK HOUIS Franck is IT Manager at EPM. He graduated from Aix-en-Provence University with a PhD in Maths for engineering and statics. Franck has 15 years experience in the Service and Industry sector. Franck oversees all IT and Graphic Design development for the company.


AARON RAMIREZ-CLAVIJO Aaron is Data Analyst and Marketing Co-ordinator
He recently graduated from the University of Sussex with a Bachelor of Sciences with Mathematics.
Aaron is conducting research, preparing case studies and infographics design. Aaron is bilingual in English and Spanish.


ALANA EMENY Alana is Social media and E-marketing coordinator at EPM.
She is in her final year at the University of Brighton with a first-class in business management and marketing. Alana is bilingual in Spanish and French. She is providing marketing analysis and trend, producing case studies and providing management support.


Linda Fernandez Linda is Business and sustainability consultant.
She graduated recently from the University of Sussex with MSc in sustainable development.
Linda speaks English, Spanish and French.
Linda is advising on sustainable and low carbon programmes and CSR.