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Kathy Vuillaume
Kathy Vuillaume is Founder of EPM. She is a chartered Chemical Engineer and started her career managing international R&D projects in the biotech healthcare industry in France. She worked in Brussels as Network Director for EurActiv, the leading European policy media working with a Team of journalists and managing contracts for DG Region and DG Enterprise. She moved to England in 1998 to do her MBA at the University of Brighton. She worked with British local and regional Authorities, business support agencies, sector agencies on a portfolio of European programmes. More recently, she has been working with the Enterprise M3 Local Partnership heading up the strategic delivery of the ESIF programme worth £50m comprising ESF, ERDF and EAFRD funding. Kathy has over 15 years’ experience in EU programmes and has worked both in England and on the continent. She is fluent in French and English. Kathy works with a range of Associates depending on mission & clients requirements

Our Team for Evaluation work comprises of:


DR MELISSA KAPOOR Melissa Kapoor is our Senior Data Scientist. She combines this with Founder of Mind over Matter Medtech – a start-up medical technology company developing novel neuroimaging technologies. Melissa’s introduction to innovation came during her Statistics DPhil at Oxford University. She is overseeing programmes’ evaluation and she has been involved in more than 15 EU projects.



ANNIKA BROGAARD MACZKA Annika Brogaard Maczka is a Project Manager at EPM.

She completed her BSc Biology at the University of Sheffield, graduating with First Class Honours. She co-ordinate international projects, writes winning grant applications, literature reviews, comprehensive national and international market research reports



EMMA PORTER Emma Porter is a Project Co-ordinator at EPM. She graduated from the University of Sussex with a Masters of Biology (First). She has years of experience in people-focused roles and volunteering within the NHS. Emma oversees the communication and liaising with businesses.



AARON RAMIREZ-CLAVIJO Aaron is a Business & Innovation Graduate Intern at EPM.
He recently graduated from the University of Sussex with a Bachelor of Sciences with Mathematics.
Aaron is conducting research, preparing case studies and assisting with project implementation and evaluation. Aaron is bilingual in English and Spanish.


FELIX BASTOW Felix is a Business & Innovation Graduate Intern at EPM.
He recently graduated from the University of Sussex with a First-class Psychology BSc. Felix is bilingual in English and French, and has studied one year in Canada
Felix is conducting interviews with beneficiaries, preparing case studies and providing management assistance.
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